10 Ways About How To Increase Followers On Facebook


Presently, there are more than 40 million business pages running successfully. These businesses are doing their best to bring more customers and increase their likes and followers. Getting likes and followers won’t just work. You need to create engagement for bringing business. Whether you run an e-commerce company or a media page, followers and likes matter the most. For many individuals, gaining followers is the toughest job. This is when you need to hire the best digital marketing company that can handle the job and help in increasing the desired followers.

From Facebook ads to influencer marketing, there is a number of ways to get Facebook followers helping to bring more fans to the page. Let us now check 7 such ways to increase followers in Facebook page and gain more popularity.

1. Run Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to garner likes and followers to your page is by running the Facebook Ads. You can even run Engagement Ads which will help you increase the visibility of the brand on the platform. However, any ad you create on Facebook will create an increase in followers. If you have created the ad content, it will likely to engage with the post and potentially like or follow your Facebook page. If your main goal is to get store sales, then do run the conversion ad and increase the like.

2. Invite People to like the Page

Many social media experts follow this step to gain more followers. Once you start creating ads, Facebook will keep sending notification to invite people to your page and carry out the engagement. However, if you manually invite people to your page, you might get temporarily blocked. So the best thing is to send the invite to as much as people at a time. Do keep in mind that have a small, targeted audience than to have a big, broad one, as it could limit the effectiveness of your future ads.

3. Creating Viral Content

If you come across any humor page like 9 Gag, they have millions of followers globally. Each page they create carry millions and likes. This is because they create viral and engaging content. Audience like to see content which is engaging. In fact, people would tag their friends in the post, which usually helped increase social media engagement. You need to be very creative in any post you create that can end up being viral.

4. Cross promoting on other social sites

If your brand has pages on Twitter or Instagram, then cross-promoting your FB page is the best way to gain followers. Just adding “Like us on Facebook” won’t work. Point your Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections to relevant content or discussions happening on your page for a more powerful impact.

5. Placing Contests

People love freebies by participating in the contest. So if you want more followers, then running a contest is the best way. However, make sure the prize has perceived value which can attract more people. Promote this contest through an email list and website.

6. Adding Facebook Like Pop-Up

Some online stores ask for emails upon exiting. If you want to increase your Facebook likes and followers, then create Facebook like a pop-up. One such tool that is widely used is the OptinMonster which allows you to gain new leads and can be repurposed to fuel Facebook likes, as well. The tool also comes with the timer features where if the visitors stay on the site, then the pop-up comes in inviting to follow the FB page. However, make sure you add too many pop-ups which will make it look cluster.

7. Using the Facebook Live feature

Today, many companies while during an event go live on Facebook. You can increase your Facebook followers by telling the target audience that you are going Facebook Live on the specific day and time. This will help your target audience attend the event from their place and also follow your page.

8. Social is the new Black

Be social everywhere, showcase the chef-cooking part via videos or share the brewery in the creatives.

Be creative and interactive on your social media. Go for Live videos, and you can also share recipes across.

9. Grow Organically

Search Engine Optimization has altered many lives! Give it a try and make your brand stand apart with the local search option.

Studies have revealed that the local searches are found the most on Internet. For eg.: If somebody wants to go out for a dinner, then he/she will check on their phone for “near me” restaurants.

Think like that and use your keywords relatively!

10. Promotions

Influencer marketing is another aspect to grow.

Invite the famous influencers who can associate with your brand and give it a good shot by showcasing the USP of your business. You can also do giveaways on a monthly basis.

The growth of your F&B business inversely depends upon the success.

Try growing it with the following steps digitally, and success will come to you in no time!


Since we have given 7 ways on how you can increase followers on your page, you need to be very creative in making your brand look promising. There are more than 2.38 billion monthly active users and connected to as many as possible isn’t an overnight thing. The right thing to do is to connect with the best digital marketing company that bring more followers to your FB page.


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