3 Evergreen Marketing Trends Of The Last Decade

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Marketing is everywhere if you try to see around. It is not constraining to billboard ads or hoardings. Of course, that’s a part of it but that is not just all!

Thanks to digital marketing that has emerged and has evolved over the last few decades and especially in the 21st-century. Value4Brand talks vividly about the three aspects that have been timeless throughout these decades.

1. Storytelling

It doesn’t need to be sales, it needs to be powerful. The way you are crafting out a story in the form of marketing. It needs to deliver effective communication that has various elements of emotion, humor and leaves an impact on the reader. It needs to grab all the attention of the user and should recall your branding. Most importantly, it should build a connection with your consumers that they can directly identify that it is your brand.

A brand needs to create an engaging narrative so that there is the meaning behind your product/services that you’re serving to the society. If you see successful brands, you will notice that there are effective campaigns that have crafted unique storytelling and that is the USP of gaining the attention of the audience. It is one of the most integral aspects of any kind of marketing.

2. Influencer/word-of-mouth marketing

The trust and the reliability factor don’t go 2x when you hear the review about the products/services from a known one. It will ultimately pique your interest in examining the brand yourself. Indeed, word-of-mouth marketing works well! To top it off, when you get it done through influencers; the advertising is pretty strong and it reaches a commendable engagement. Influencer marketing has seen as a strong driver to look closely for first-hand product testimonies.

3. Personalization

Many people who are your potential audience connect with your brand only when they find things identical. One of the key features to make that happen is via personalization. You need to create content for your audience that satisfies your customer’s appetite. Be personalized with regards to various demographics such as geographic, language, customized marketing strategy.

While this decade saw a few great marketing tactics. We have put our hearts out which stayed in the longer run. Value4Brand is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Delhi that know how to connect with the heart of the audience. The world is dynamic and so are we, trying to accommodate the latest technology. For any queries/concerns, please feel free to contact us at at +91- 9773688337


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