3 Tools For Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management

Everyone wants to know whether they are talked about or not! That’s the vicious circle of life! Whether it is your personal life or your corporate, you want yourself to be known by others. When you’re at the stage-1, i.e., a small business, it is vital to monitor your online reputation.

Tools for Online Reputation Management

Whether these customers rely upon you or not, this will be seen in the growth of your business. As they say, word of mouth marketing is equivalent to reliability factor and most people flock to different websites to review the business or get an opinion of themselves based upon their friends and acquaintances thoughts. It is really important for your business that you keep a check on what customers are saying about your brand. Such that you can even promote positive reviews and make amends with the negative. while it may seem like an expensive task, but Value4Brand will help you with low-cost or absolutely free tools to monitor your online reputation management.

1. Google Alerts.

A personalized Google search that sends you notifications when new content is added for keywords that you have marked. We are glad that the tool is absolutely free and comes handy within a few steps! This service helps in scanning and pulling all the data from relevant sources, blogs, research, or various articles within the Google network.

2. Naymz.

Naymz is a great tool which will help you to track and manage with the social influence. It is closely correlated to the online reputation. It also roots for the growth of your online influence and shows the positive remarks of your brand. It also offers a relative comparison across different social networks. It assesses what your peers think about you, whether or not others listen and engage with you and what makes you unique and valuable as an influencer.

3. Hootsuite.

This one is our personal favourite! This tool allows the user to maintain all of your social media networks in one place. You can schedule your future messages/posts, listen and engage with your followers, and view in-depth social media analytics in order to see how your content is being perceived and make improvements where they’re needed.

You can experiment with new and creative hashtags and associate it later with your brand. Start encouraging your customers and followers to use it as well. This will give you another option to search for when you’re monitoring your brand mentions and it will grow the SEO of your business in a way. For much such queries, feel free to contact us at +91 97736 88337


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