The 8 Trends Will Reshape Your Brand’S Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing

People get aware of a great advertisement when they watch one, but the concern is to get that ad to the right set of targeted people and that too at the correct time! Yes, it is an art in itself. As innovation has explored its ways in the advertising sector. The technology renders its primitive tactics as obsolete, it opens the gates for new opportunities to reach their audience.

The questions that arise in digital advertising today are:

  1. a) Where will people listen?
  2. b) What kind of content should we produce that the audience gets engaged with?
  3. c) How should we as a brand contact them?

The answers remain in the mere key to an understanding of the relevant trends that are shaping the industry. Value4Brand has helped you figure out.

1. Mobile video advertising

While more than 9 out of 10 people are found on the mobile phone. So, it is not a false statement if we say mobile video consumption is growing at its peak. It provides advertisers with an opportunity to reach their consumers when they are paying attention. Well, the credit goes to the latest technologies. With the expansion of fast 4G/LTE coverage, it has captivated everyone’s sight. See it for yourself in the metros, colleges, office, and even home! Mobile video ads are another important aspect that has taken a toll on the advantage of this undivided attention.

2. Native advertising

Have you ever seen that there is an advertisement bar on websites? That is considered as the native advertising. Native ads are typically long-form blog posts, infographics or videos that aim to inform, entertain and inspire people without directly promoting a product. For example, a banner ad from a clothing retailer might promote a winter clothing sale, but a native ad from the same retailer might discuss winter fashion tips instead. Typically, native ads are tagged with a disclaimer such as “sponsored content”, “paid post” or “promoted by”.

3. Viewable impressions

The new view-ability technology and an advertising model called “viewable impressions” are eradicating the problems of fake impressions and frauds.

While the digital marketing agency assures you with the maximum impression in limited no. of days. Value4Brand stands apart and give results.

4. Define your goals

Before transforming the bits and bolts of the campaign digitally, a planning has to be done beforehand with an approach to focus on the targeted audience. You can define your goal by keeping a few analytics like you need to increase your conversion rate. The goals should be set in order of long-term thought process.

5. Brand awareness

How many times in a day do you say it to yourself or to your friends/family – ‘Just Google it!’
See here is a point that all the businesses should adhere to. You can read our previous articles on SEO and increase your insights. It will utilise in the top searches of Google trends, and the metrics of your brand’s awareness can be calculated.

6. Get aware of your Target Market

You should know exactly whom to sell your products and services. No matter whatever your budget is(keep it restrictive to a certain amount though), the demographics of your brand should be reached by the end of the month while getting the final analytics.

7. Social Media tools in action

This is an enthralling factor that really counts! It determines how people show interest in your business. Focus on increasing the numbers of followers, likes and reaching out to lakhs and millions of people across! The success of a good campaign will definitely hinge upon your brand’s performance.

8. Learn from your past mistakes

Now that you’ve recorded them data for the previous three-five months. You can jot down your KPIs and analyze it closely for a better performance future.

These strategies worked for our advertisers from the last few years. Why don’t you grow your business with us? As the trend changes, so do digital marketing techniques. Understand your customer’s preferences and discover what works best for you! Remember, we are just a call away- +91 97736 88



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