A Beginner’s Guide To Seo



SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is a vast space altogether with dynamic tactics with the newest trends. It is not just networking but much more than that! Most people who are running their businesses wonder why they are not on searches of Google. Merely because they have very restrictive knowledge about SEO.

Value4Brand gives a beginner guide to SEO 101 for all those who think it’s a fresh concept or misunderstood.

1 Learn what your audience wants. Relatively, then you may use a few keywords related to that search so that google attracts and targets the right audience. You can do keyword research for a better understanding. Have a close look at your competitors on what keywords are they using, and consider your patient cost likewise.

2. Curate a compelling story that is optimized by a keyword and answers the audience’s queries. Share such content that has links and citations already added. This will amplify your worthy content and will eventually lead to more traffic.

3. The technical SEO comes along with Meta descriptions, perfect body of the content followed with title tags. Unique content will always give you extra points with better engagement rate. Get shareable links so that if people wish to share amongst their peers, they may do so quickly.

Hope this guide has helped anybody who’s daunted by these terms and now have a clear vision on how to go further. Rank as number #1 with Value4Brand. For further inquiries, you may also contact us at +91-9773688337.


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