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Digital Marketing & Artificial Intelligence ,The Difference in Scope.There is no second thought that Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the every industry. From IT to non-IT, AI has its both negative and positive effect. Thanks to the social media that has helped in marketing this transformation and pitched for more. The main aim of using AI is to offer better customer experience and predictive analysis for better performance. Digital marketing agency using modern tool for promoting of the brand, have understood the power of AI. The impact of AI in digital marketing is largely positive due to its maximum reach to the audience.

Relationship between AI and Digital Marketing:

Earlier, marketers working in digital marketing agency were hesitant to use this medium. But as the demand for more technology use and advance marketing strategy has increased, the use of AI in digital marketing has also increased. These agencies are now updating self to accommodate AI in the marketing method. Let us now check how AI is helping to change the face of digital marketing:

Personalizing the user experience:

One of the crucial impact AI can have on digital marketing is the personalizing the user experience. If the content marketing strategy is aligned with AI, it could be ground-breaking. The marketing team can use AI for data collection, multi-dimensional communication with sensory abilities and other methods. AR (Augmented Realty) one of the part of AI can allow customer to feel the product. This helps in expanding the marketing technique.

Tracking User Behavior:

Compared to current methods of tracking the user behavior, with the use of AI technique, the marketing team can upscale the method. When digital marketing is infused with AI search engine, marketing team can easily track the user behavior and predicting the future decisions.

Predictive Marketing for simpler decision:

As the user browse over the internet, new data is collected for AI analysis. This data further helps in getting information like user needs and behaviors for future actions. Based on this result, the marketing team can optimize the idea to supply relevant information. With both AI and digital marketing is blended together, the trends like SEO, banner ads and other optimizing methods will lose its importance.

Use of Image Recognition for ROI:

Having AI enabled software; digital marketing agency can now get possibly offer detailed description of the image. Image recognition is now used in various ways in different sectors. From banking to financial sector, image recognition is now becoming the part of digital marketing technique. This visual content sharing method has more power to gain view and expand ROI.

Reaching Target Audience:

One way AI can help digital marketing agency is by reaching the target audience. With having all the data of search and prediction in behavior, marketing team can create ads and banners that reach the target audience. Every agency that adopts AI will have a fair share of knowledge about the target audience and create marketing campaigns accordingly.


With the ever increasing social media reach and expansion of AI in digital media, marketers in digital marketing agency are making the best use of it. It would be interesting to see how in coming years, digital marketing agencies will approach AI for marketing purpose.


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