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Google AdWords is a new marketing technique which uses advertising system in which advertisers bid for a certain keyword in order for their ad to appear on the Google search results page. Advertisers have to surely pay for these clicks and that is how Google AdWords work. In this way if your business needs to be advertised on Google search page, you as an advertiser have to have a certain keyword which is very relevant to your webpage or online business. These keywords will then be used as a medium to portray ads on the Google search page as soon as someone searches that keyword on the Google search bar.

Value4Brand is an Online reputation management and Digital marketing company which will take care of all your online business and advertising issues. It builds/mends your online image to give your online business a clear reputation in front of your target audience base.

Google AdWords are a new and effective way of advertising. It has proven to be very successful and is used by every other online business presently. It gets you a lot of site traffic and eventually earns you a lot of customers leading to more and more business leads.

Value4Brand takes help of Google AdWords to make a good impression about your business online. As a result when a susceptive customer searches about anything that is mildly related to your webpage your webpage’s ad will appear in his Google search page.
Value4Brand bids for that certain keyword to get your ads placed on various search results page.

They have an excellent team of experts who are very well-versed with these digital marketing techniques and can help your business gain momentum in today’s fierce and competitive market. They make sure their client gets what they desired for and work hard towards fulfilling their expectations.

Integrating Marketing and Customer Life Cycle

With the ever-increasing popularity and complexity of digital marketing, mapping customer journey is becoming hugely important. This trend is particularly useful in explaining and defining the varying yet relevant communication experience at different areas in the journey of a customer. This tool was designed to help professionals think through various different touch points of paid, owned and earned media that have an overbearing influence on the marketing strategy. This also would help in identifying and filling in the gap with improved communication.

Integrating Content Marketing into Customer Engagement

Another notable trend of 2018 would be to integrate customer engagement into content marketing. With increased participation and engagement from customers using different media service may help in developing content for different target audience primarily using the techniques of Persona and Content Mapping.

Integrating Search Marketing into Content Marketing

Techniques such as knowledge panel that is important for brand and local business, relevant questions including rich snippets, quick answers and reviews become an integral part of search marketing. Adding these to content marketing services will help to boost the ideas and help in better communication of those to the target audience.

These trends in marketing are few of the important trends that are going to take over the marketing scenario in 2020.

Types of digital paid campaigns :

  1. PPC
  2. Display Ads
  3. Banner Ads
  4. Search Ads
  5. Google Adwords
  6. Re-marketing
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Facebook Ads

There are many activities involved in a successful paid campaign of a business such as:

  • Designing Landing Pages with right information about the service or product.
  • Highlighting your USP’s in the Ad.
  • Right Keyword bidding Strategy.
  • Selection of the keywords as per the business.
  • Keeping an eye on competitors activity.
  • Time to time monitoring of the campaigns.
  • Tracking the conversions.
  • Avoiding the negative keywords.

By adopting above paid campaign management services you can avail several benefits for the business such as:

  • Brand Visibility
  • Brand Promotion
  • Instant results
  • Global target
  • Controlled Budgets
  • It is easy to analyse the results and can be improved accordingly.
  • Manipulate marketing campaign for business as per requirement.
  • Ease in targeting client base according to age group and location.
  • Total transparency with stats.

Our team of experts can help you to get the right campaign strategy for your business with the maximum results. We provide tailor made solutions as per the client’s needs and assures to deliver profitable output.


We bring innovative thinking, adaptive methodology, strong ethics and years of expertise to the Digital marketing industry


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