How is Review Management Different from Reputation Management?

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Brands can make use of online reputation management as well as review management. But while they apply these, they should comprehend how they are different. Review management, as Value4Brand discusses, attempts to improve brand image. The best review management company in Delhi NCR explains that it focuses on the complaints of customers as well as their negative feedback. Bigger than this, online reputation management is the process that looks at almost every aspect that can positively or negatively influence a brand. Depending on which process is to be used, brands have to engage in unique approaches. Undoubtedly, both are advantageous. But their advantages are assured as per the goals attained.

 What Does Online Reputation Management Mean?

 Online reputation management or ORM is a process that maintains and/or improves the image of a brand or business. This image is positively showcased. As a result, online users are attracted to this business or brand. They can rely on its credibility and then invest in its services.

 Beyond this, ORM can be understood as a process that wins more control over reputation. It can be transformed from negative to positive. Also, it can be enhanced to cut through the competition.

 What is Review Management?

 Managing reviews is part of online reputation management. It involves looking at reviews across numerous platforms through tracking, monitoring, as well as the creation of responses. Largely, this process focuses on reviews and feedback, explains the review management company in Delhi NCR, Value4Brand. It particularly takes into consideration negative reviews and undertakes their management.

 How to Differentiate between Reputation and Review Management?

 Online reputation management involves the application of multiple processes. These processes comprise strategies to cater to a brand’s image on different platforms. Contrary to this, review management is a process that involves using various strategies. These are exercised on review-specific platforms.

 While this is a major point of difference, when both practices have to be understood, others should also be looked at.

  – A Proactive vs. Reactive Approach

 To begin understanding the difference between ORM and review management, the kind of approach should be identified. ORM utilizes a proactive approach. It aims to control the reputation of a brand prior to its deterioration. Interestingly, even during and after a brand’s image has undergone unwanted situations, this process can be applied.

 Comparatively, review management is a reactive approach. In general, it is launched when negative reviews come to the surface. This approach helps in dealing with the complaints or experiences mentioned in these reviews that can harm the reputation of a business.

  – Difference in Platforms

 When ORM is to be practiced, the platforms are varied. It can be exercised through reviews, press releases, audits, and social media channels. The platforms for each of these are different.

Contrary to this, review management is ensured through specific platforms. The review management company in Delhi NCR, Value4Brand adds that they concentrate on the posting of reviews or feedback. Hence, these platforms are more limited in numbers.

  – In terms of Purpose

 The purpose of online reputation management is to maintain the perception associated with a business. Hence, it focuses on multiple strategies that maintain various aspects to showcase this business in a positive light. On the other hand, review management is about responding to negative experiences. Additionally, it aims at their suppression by deletion or encouraging positive reviews.

  – Time Duration for Results

 A significant difference between ORM and the management of reviews is time duration. Usually, reviews can be managed in a shorter time. This is because limited platforms have to be monitored and managed. Since online reputation management is a bigger process, it can require more time due to multiple platforms being involved.

 What are the Different Benefits of Review and Reputation Management?

 Reviews are read by more than 90% of people. A major percentage of these look for reviews that are negative. As can be assumed, many people can decide whether or not to associate with brands on the basis of the nature of reviews. By transforming these, brands receive benefits.

 The process of ORM comes with larger benefits beyond positive perceptions through reviews. It involves building credibility for brands. This can attract more opportunities for businesses. It can improve the returns on investments. Better revenues can be earned. While these advantages are bigger, they are also more in numbers, in comparison to review management.

 All Things Considered

 It is clear that review management is a process that is included in online reputation management. Value4Brand, the top review management company in Delhi NCR, considers both processes to be crucial. However, they are not the same. These are focused on different purposes through varied platforms. Hence, even their benefits vary. But ultimately, both processes are beneficial for brands who use these.



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