How Long does it Take to Rank 1 on Google Using SEO?

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It can take from a few weeks to almost 1 year to rank 1 on Google when the best search engine optimization practices are used. Ascertaining the exact duration can require making multiple observations. They can relate to the size of a website, how it operates, search engine optimization factors, etc. Value4Brand, the best SEO agency in Delhi, opines that finding out this duration is important. Along with that, how to get the first rank on Google is essential. It is because when the measures to rank at the top are found, insights regarding the duration to achieve the same can be received.

How Long will it Take to Rank 1 on Google?

To rank 1 on Google, 3 to 6 months can be the estimated time duration, subject to certain conditions. Using various search engine optimization measures, this rank can be achieved in the said time frame. This duration, however, can be increased due to several conditions/factors.

 1. As Value4Brand has observed, a site can rank 1 in 6-12 months due to high competition.

 2. The best SEO agency in Delhi opines that the duration can extend beyond 1 year when:

          – SEO practices are applied but are inconsistent.

          – Crucial ranking factors are neglected.

When Does It Take Less Time to Rank on Google?

Businesses can aim to rank their sites on Google in the shortest duration when they focus on certain factors. Factors such as mobile-friendly experiences for users, topical authority, etc., are relevant to rank on this search engine. When they are worked on as required by search engines like Google, the duration to rank one gets altered.

 – User Experience

Based on user experience or UX, Google can determine which websites are more impactful. Good UX is an indicator of the best application of SEO practices. Provided that a site offers good user experiences, it is likely to rank 1 in less time.

 – Topical Authority

Expertise over a certain topic is indicated by topical authority. Sites usually rank 1 when this factor, among others, is concentrated on. Such sites feature content that serves the needs of users, showcases the depth of the information and helps in better utilization of keywords.

 – On-page SEO

The implementation of on-page SEO is significant when content has to be found by users with more ease. Using SEO services in Delhi, on-page practices can be improved to attain the first rank on Google. These practices can relate to well-optimized content, readability of information, title tags, meta descriptions, and others.

 – Search Intent and Relevance

Top-ranking sites comprise content that is relevant to what users search for on Google. It accommodates users’ queries effectively. It can serve multiple purposes in one go. These purposes can range from giving the best user experience to establishing topical authority. Focus on search intent can help alter the duration needed to rank higher on Google.

 – Quality of Content

A crucial factor when it comes to ranking at the top is the quality of content. It is particularly important when content is scraped by search bots. These bots look for content that is optimized as well as apt for users’ requirements. Such content further increases the chances of receiving the top rank on big search engines.

 – Mobile-Friendly Experiences

High-ranking content ought to satisfy user queries. Provided that around 59% of traffic comes from mobile users, optimizing pages for their queries is suggested. The best SEO agency in Delhi, Value4Brand adds that search engines like Google can conveniently crawl sites that offer good mobile-friendly experiences. With better crawling, greater ranks ought to be achieved.

How to Rank 1 on Google in the Shortest Time?

When relevant SEO factors are worked on, sites can rank 1 on Google. When this has to be attained in the shortest duration possible, search engine optimization services should be preferred. SEO services in Delhi work on essential factors. Moreover, through these services, sites can identify what is preventing them from achieving the desired rank.

Potential reasons can include:

 1. The website is small. Hence, it is taking more time to rank 1.

 2. Link building is not regularly focused on. Or, links are slowly built.

 3. Penalized websites can find it difficult to rank unless the issues are resolved.

Search engine optimization services can be used to embed new factors on sites and remove existing problems. Thus, ranking at the top will be quickly possible.

In Concluding

It is beneficial to rank 1 on Google. But it can sometimes take long to get this rank. The duration can extend up to 1 year. The best SEO agency in Delhi, Value4Brand says that when all important factors are worked on, the duration can significantly reduce to some weeks. Using SEO services can be helpful when this duration has to be minimized.


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