How To Address Negative Comments About Your Brand

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Have you ever received any bad feedback? If yes, this blog is for you are we are going to do a real talk on how that can affect the business in delivering products and services. It’s like you have worked day and night in creating that product and as a result, you got a final stung. Sad!
However, this can act as a lesson for your business, and it is crucial to happen so. A brand needs consistent negative feedback to foster further. Who knew “Criticism can be healthy at times”? Although it is just one stellar experience, don’t drain all your energy and lose all hopes. The way you respond to these negative trails is a reflection of the window to your business. Customers will keep coming back to your brand if they are greeted with polite behaviour at all times. We understand how social media can build and break your business, but, always remember it’s not the end of the world. You can pull yourself again, and pay attention to revert the feedback positively! Remember that your audience will see how you’re handling the criticism.

Value4Brand suggests how to deal with pessimistic feedback/reviews.

1. Check Your Ego at the Door

We truly understand that slamming is no good! Despite how rough ‘n’ tough you as an entrepreneur may be, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL! We repeat, don’t take it to your heart. This review is about the customer’s experience. Ultimately, you cannot change what has already happened, but make a change to your tomorrow! You can certainly change what happens next.

2. Respond Promptly

Negative reviews can hamper the growth of the business, and it becomes difficult to handle stress at the very moment. Virtual reviews are as important as one-to-one complaints. Respond to every feedback on priority, or take the minimum TAT to give prompt responses. The lack of attention can make the viewer feel ignorant, and this is not the right behaviour. If the customer is angry already, you don’t need to make it worse for your business.

3. Acknowledge the Complaint

‘Every feedback counts!’ Make sure that you’re acknowledging every review on the portal. You can not be rude or show sarcasm on social media. Always keep in mind the general perception of your brand that will go out with your single response. It would help if you reverted in a way that leaves a mark on your customers. You can gently tell him/her by appreciating the review as that will help in improvising for the future. It’s all about how you take the critic, and it makes tonnes of difference.
Reviews aren’t the end of the world. It takes a bit of practice, and most importantly patience to handle it well! You can easily use these practices or give us the opportunity of being the best digital marketing agency. You can reach us out here at +91-9773688337


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