How to Manage Negative Reviews and Handle Your Business Presence Online?

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How to Manage Negative Reviews and Handle Your Business Presence Online


To effectively manage your company’s online reputation, it is important to counter the negative online content that exists over the web about your brand. It is important for every business to consider the most effective ways how to manage negative reviews about its products or services. Having a bad online image, or having no online presence at all, is detrimental to your company and deters customers from purchasing your products or services.

To handle your business presence online, you should have to develop strategies that can effectively improve your brand’s online reputation by removing, responding or satisfying the doubts of your unhappy customers. Before it gets too late and it may hurt your online reputation badly, it is ideal to strategize and develop plans on how to handle bad reviews. One of the smartest ways is to get in touch with online reputation management companies to promote positive reviews and articles about your brand and to counter effectively negative reviews.

You can opt for a provider that uses the latest digital techniques, SEO tools and analytics to boost your online reputation and manage negative reviews about your brand. Online review management services can only take a while to yield results and is a specific type of reputation management to counter negative reviews and focused on helping companies acquire new reviews with positive feedback. In this article, we’ve come up with a summary of some actionable tips which businesses can follow to manage negative reviews and can also handle their business presence online.

Quick Response

An appropriate and quick response to a negative review can showcase your company in a favourable light. If you have tried various ways how to manage negative reviews, this could be the most efficient and appropriate one to salvage your relationship with an unhappy customer. Most business owners think it’s hard to explain customers having bad experiences. But it can be more dangerous to keep them waiting for your reply. With quick response and politeness in your language, you can repair things once again.

Answer Thoughtfully

You need to stay professional and courteous while replying to negative reviews. It may be dangerous to your business if you failed to accept that a mistake has been made and you’re seriously concerned about taking the necessary steps to improve the experience of the user. Apologize when appropriate but don’t take responsibility for things that have been made wrong at the customer’s end.

Maintain a Polite Tone

Never argue or accuse the customer. Even if you know that it’s all customer’s fault, don’t blame him/her and try to remain polite as other customers will also watch out for your response later on. It’s better to leave such concerns on online review management services as they know it better.

Switch the Discussion to offline mode

If you think that a particular discussion is getting very long and it could cause more damage to your business, invite the customer to contact you privately over a phone call or via email, message, official chat box etc. A complex and complicated issue having unusual discussions and customer anger can be displayed to other customers as well. It will not good for your business at all that if other clients create false perceptions about your services. So, while concerned about how to manage negative reviews, try to solve complex issues in private by switching the discussion to offline mode.

Show that you have taken the required action

Customers will never come to enquire about what changes have you made to improve their experience. If you are finding comprehensive ways how to handle bad reviews, try to convince the user that you’ve already instructed teams to follow necessary guidelines to never repeat the same. Show him that you’ve taken the steps to resolve the issue. This can at least provide the customer with some sort of satisfaction and perhaps a negative review can turn into a positive one.

Suggest multiple choices to console the customer

If the unhappy customer is not getting satisfied with what you are suggesting to him, try to offer him different ways to console his/her pain. Show the customer that you’re also feeling very bad about what happened and are looking to find out ways how things can be managed. You can offer him an additional discount or gift voucher on the next deal and can ask him to offer a full refund if the same thing will happen again.

Customers having bad experiences with you are more likely to leave a review about your product or service. Enough negative reviews and mentions can damage your company on multiple fronts. And hence, it is strictly advisable to consider how to manage negative reviews to uplift your brand’s online presence. It is important that you take immediate steps to handle your online reputation and choosing the best review management services is among the most successful and proven methods to save time, resources, and money and get results in quick succession. Leading agencies have the best understanding of how reviews and rating sites work. They have experienced professionals to handle and manage what is best suited for your reviews in terms of customer impact and business reputation.


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