How to Remove Negative Information from Google?

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How to Remove Negative Information from Google
Content on Google has become an effective medium to spread information about a brand among people. Its nature can ascertain how the influence will be. Speaking of negative content, it will be vital to pull it down. This search engine has around 4.3 billion people using the platform worldwide. On a daily basis, a massive number of users access its content. Since negative information can change the minds of many people, removing it will only be beneficial. Whether this information can be deleted and which measures support the same should be understood. Additionally, what should be done when this removal is complex must be found. The image of a brand can then be positively preserved and favorable information can prevail on the engine.

Can Negative Content Be Removed from Google?

Google remains the top search engine to read content, whether positive or negative. In the second case, negative content can influence people to avoid brands or businesses. For as long as this information remains accessible, a similar outcome can be seen. Fortunately, in some instances, negative content can be removed from this search engine. Although it may not be easy, certain measures make this possible.

Removing Negative Results through 3 Actionable Measures

Through legal ways, you can access one measure to bring down negative information against your brand. But to make the overall approach less effort-inducing, 3 more measures are available. They can be initiated on your own.
  • By Checking for Content Violation
On Google, some types of content can go against its policies. You can check whether the posted information is of the same type. Then this can be brought to the notice of the search engine. Its chances of removal can then be generated.
  • Through DMCA
DMCA refers to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Through this, you can access one form. The information you supply in this will help you opt for content deletion. But it will work on the basis of the rules complied with.
  • Requesting Removal
One of the simple ways to ensure that negative information is removed is by finding out the website on which it is visible. Then you can identify who the owner of that site is. Through the contact information available, the owner can be connected. You can place a request for the information’s removal. Tip: Reasons in support of the same can be supplied for more effectiveness of this measure.

Preventing the Impact of Negative Information When Removal Isn’t Possible

At times, the measures to bring down unlikely information may be available. But they may not yield the expected results in every instance. As an alternative to its deletion, suppression can be preferred. Through suppression, content that does not favor a brand or business can be pushed down. Thus, it can stop reflecting in the top results on Google. Even though it may still be available on the search engine, its impact should get significantly removed.

In the following ways, negative content can be suppressed:

  • Depending on the type of content, you can strategically apply online reputation management techniques. In the instance of reviews, positive content can be generated to push down the negative one.
  • A positive connection can be formed with your audience through social media. The impact of negative information can get altered. Gradually, positive comments and reviews can be attracted. Thus, unwanted information should get suppressed.
  • For dominating the search results on Google, establishing a page on Wikipedia will be ideal. It can positively indicate the core values, products, and services of a brand.
  • Increasing brand mentions is another useful way. With the professional services of an ORM agency, this measure can be carried out.
  • Adding press releases on relevant platforms can spread the positive word among people.

In Review

When the nature of information is negative, in relation to a brand, users may tend to avoid it. This can affect its reputation, sales, and more. Given the user base of Google, it becomes important to eliminate this information to prevent its possible effects. With the ways provided, brands can hope to see the deletion of negative content. Otherwise, suppressing it will also be of use to limit the impact.


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