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How to Remove Public Records from the Internet? – Value 4 Brand

Things may look simple when it comes to removing important details or public records online. However, it is true to some extent. We are saying this because of the present law. It allows you to remove highly sensitive data or record easily. This information includes credit card details, debit card details, social security numbers, etc. However, some details cannot be removed. In this situation, you can make the most out of the alternative steps that can reclaim privacy and other sensitive information online.

If you want to know everything about how to delete public records from the internet, then you should keep reading this post.

Useful tips to remove sensitive details online

Yes, you can indeed take some steps to remove the sensitive details, but you cannot deny the fact that some details can still be available. In this case, you can get help from the team of Value4Brand or simply connect with private investigators. Since they know how to find such details, you will be assisted by them for further steps.

Speaking about the steps needed to remove public records, you will need to take the following steps. So, let us get started!

– Google yourself

You can begin the process by pinpointing private data that you are willing to hide or remove from the internet. For this, you can Google yourself. After this, check and identify the images, news clips, videos, and other web results that are associated with you. Please remember that it is not possible to find out all the details that belong to you. But this simple act will provide you with the sense to prioritize things or info that you want to remove.

– Change contact and address details

Well! It is not about relocating to a new place or using a new contact number. Rather, you can update or modify your contact details. For example, you can change the postal address with an email ID or simply with a PO box number. You can also put your Skype, Google Voice, etc. details to protect your personal contact details.

– Go to the nearest government/SDM office

These are the places where people go for various registration work. It includes but is not limited to birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, income certificates, and so on. Since the websites of these government offices use different types of forms, they will ask you to fill out and submit the same while obtaining any of the given certificates. However, they use a solid privacy policy, you can request them to remove the same if any of your details appear online.

– Make some rounds to the places that use your IDs

If you love to visit public places such as public pools, public libraries, unemployment offices, etc., then you will surely know that they ask you to submit your ID to access the services offered. In this case, the chances are higher that your personal details can appear online. By checking with these places, you can get to know what is available online.

– Remove details from brokerage platforms

If you are planning to buy or rent a new property, then you might be using a platform to get suitable options. But to avail of the services, you will be required to enter some of your personal details such as name, date of birth, contact number, address, etc. Even though private platforms promise to keep your personal information safe, the same can be leaked or shared with others for different reasons. If you feel that your details are leaked by a brokerage platform, then you can directly ask them to remove them. In case they deny it, you can take further legal steps.

– Keep a check of privacy settings

As per the experts of Value4Brand, you must keep a check on the privacy policy and settings regularly. It should be an important part of the process of your digital well-being. It means you are advised to be attentive to the details that you choose to share on different platforms through different online accounts. Many times, it is completely in your hands whether you want to share the details or not. For example, while creating an account on an online shopping platform, you can choose to share email IDs, numbers, etc. at your convenience.

– Opt for professional help

If you feel that it is tricky to find and remove public records from the internet that are linked to you, then you can always trust professional firms. There are many service providers such as Value4Brand. With an expert team, they can better guide you. Additionally, they can remove the data after your consent from wherever it is possible.


While handling public records, you may feel vulnerable many times. But yes, a lot of things are within your control as you can remove and reduce sensitive details from the internet. But yes, it is a process that will require multiple days to be done. However, you should not give up. Just enjoy the process or simply count on V4B for the best support and professional assistance.


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