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A site’s domain can be upgraded with a new one. While doing so, website owners would prefer not to lose SEO. Value4Brand informs that this concern can be worked on by knowing how to maintain the impact of search engine optimization. The best SEO company in Delhi NCR considers certain steps to be important in this regard. These steps require users to have knowledge of Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc. This can help in transferring every important mention of the old site’s components so that the effect of search engine optimization is not compromised.

 Can You Change a Domain without Losing SEO?

 The name of a domain can be changed. The entire impact of SEO practices linked to the current domain can be affected. Thus, changing the domain but not losing the effect of these practices can be a challenge.

 However, it is unfolded by Value4Brand that it is possible to inform search engines about this change. This can help in preserving the benefits of search engine optimization, says the best SEO company in Delhi NCR.

 How to Change Your Domain without Completely Losing SEO?

 SEO effects can be preserved when changing a domain name by ensuring that its history poses no threats. This domain can be completely new. Or, it may have been purchased from another party. In the case of such a purchase, its history should be checked. Preferably, it should comprise a good backlink network but no suspicious activities.

 Following this, there are more steps to implement to adopt a new domain alongside preserving SEO.

Migrate to a New Site and Redirect the Domain

After checking the history of the new domain, one can migrate to it. As soon as this move is made, certain tasks relating to search engine optimization will have to be performed.

According to Value4Brand, a user will be required to redirect the existing domain to the new one. To do so, the best SEO company in Delhi suggests connecting with the hosting provider and the registrar of the domain. When redirecting it, old URLs should match new ones with modifications made to the website’s name.

 1. Use GSC for New Site Verification

When changing the domain, Google can be communicated with via GSC. It will help in the verification of the new site. GSC is associated with information regarding the performance of keywords on the website’s pages. The information is also related to technical search engine optimization with respect to indexation and crawling.

Tip: You can also utilize the tool, Change of Address by Google, for further communication.

 2. Ensure Google Analytics is Updated

To preserve SEO while adopting a new site domain, Google Analytics should essentially be updated. The settings of Google Analytics for the existing domain should be accessed. Here, updates can be made to match the new domain. Ensure that the information on every existing URL is updated.

3. Add Old URLs’ Mentions on Other Platforms

Aside from Google Search Console, it is important to update the mentions of the old site’s URLs on additional platforms too. As per the best SEO company in Delhi NCR, Value4Brand, these are the platforms where the website’s links already exist. These can include YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, etc.

Why is it Important to Preserve SEO for New Domains?

A new domain can bring along a lot of opportunities for a brand or business. This is especially true when the domain has been opted for because of unlikely reasons. However, to use these opportunities, it is suggested to have old SEO effects preserved. This can lessen the effort to entirely exercise an SEO strategy from scratch.

Given that the above is ensured, site owners can work on new aspects of search engine optimization. Thus, benefits can be yielded from the new domain in comparatively less time.

How to Professionally Change a Domain and Preserve SEO?

In the view of Value4Brand, businesses can upgrade to new domains and preserve SEO with professional help. The best SEO company in Delhi further says that when such help is ensured, every step can be performed to maintain the impact of former optimization practices.

To maintain this impact, SEO companies can even perform audits for the old website. Its results will enable an understanding of which aspects have to be maintained or are no longer required.

In a Nutshell,

Due to different reasons, changing a domain can be important. Irrespective of this, the benefits obtained from SEO practices should be retained. Value4Brand advises that by focusing on the new domain’s history, smooth migration, audits, etc., these benefits can be retained. The best SEO company in Delhi NCR believes that even if these steps are challenging, they can save the effort of implementing SEO from scratch.


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