Online Reputation Management & Digital Marketing- A thin line to differentiate

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Online Reputation Management & Digital Marketing- A thin line to differentiate

For accelerating the growth of a business, two things are vital. These are inclusive of a good online reputation and a strong market presence. To attain them, ORM and digital marketing can be adopted. Having said that, one may want to clarify whether these practices are the same. It is important to realize that online reputation management comes with goals and measures that can differ from those of digital marketing.

Although both of them may seem similar at times, a thin line of difference can be found. Once this is closely understood, it can be easier for a brand to decide whether reputation management practices are to be preferred or digital marketing techniques will be more impactful in a certain scenario.

An Overview of Online Reputation Management

ORM can be comprehended as a combination of practices that positively showcase a brand’s image. Online reputation management is important for brands that are struggling with negative impressions. Not only online but offline as well, damage to this reputation can be caused. With the strategies included in ORM, this damage may not be completely reversed but its effect can be minimized. 

Looking at Digital Marketing in General

One can understand digital marketing as a type of online marketing. Hence, it is exercised through several practices performed on the internet. Digital marketing has not one but multiple goals to achieve. Together, they help companies to grow in terms of various aspects. As a positive outcome of this, they are able to survive better in competitive spheres.

A Thin Line of Difference 

When online reputation management and digital marketing are together looked at, users may wonder whether or not they are the same. In actuality, there is a slight difference to be noticed. Digital marketing is a major domain. It comprises several practices. One of these practices is ORM. Therefore, it can be said that reputation management is a part of online marketing and not really a completely separate practice.

On the basis of this, several other observations can be made relating to why and how these two are practiced.

1. Giving Effect to Varied Goals

Online reputation management has one major goal to achieve. This relates to improving or maintaining the repute of a brand. Contrary to this, through digital marketing, multiple objectives can be attained. They can include widening a company’s customer base, directly increasing its sales, and generating leads for improving the rate of conversion.

2. Application of Varied Measures

When the goals of ORM and online marketing are to be attained, different measures are applied. The online management of reputation can take place by monitoring certain activities. These can include analyzing the nature of reviews, monitoring mentions, and understanding the presence of a brand on important online platforms.

To initiate digital marketing, a number of practices are employed. While online reputation management is one of these, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, etc., are also involved. Through varied platforms and ways, they are administered.

3. Common Platforms but Different Uses

It is important for a user to understand that managing brand reputation and doing online marketing can make use of common platforms. However, they can be used in varying ways to attain separate goals.

For example, through platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram, brands can identify how they are being mentioned. Accordingly, they can try changing or maintaining the nature of these mentions through reviews and posts. The same platforms can be utilized for digital marketing as well. But then they will be used for marketing campaigns and postings that establish the objectives of brands.

Both practices can also utilize platforms that may not be common to one another. Even then, the outcomes attained can be different.

On a Final Note

By now, it would have been comprehended that digital marketing is inclusive of managing a brand’s online reputation. In saying so, it should be remembered that both are impactful. Their application will largely depend on the objective that you want to achieve or a problem you wish to deal with. Knowing the difference between the two is, therefore, essential. This will help you in the proper application of the practices.


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