Power of Bad Review and How ORM can help in it


In this age of social media, every company takes careful steps when dealing with customers to offer the service. One negative review can harm the entire brand name. Users take no time in giving away the positive or negative review using platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Top e-commerce and product based companies have faced the wrath of unsatisfied customers, eventually resulting to downwards in the ratings on app stores and online reputation/ORM. It is clear that positive customer reviews helps in building your business, but negative reviews can break the business. Customers use social media platforms and online forums to post their reviews, and companies have to keep a tab over it.

The truth is, the entrepreneur has to deal with a couple of bad reviews and it is a part of a growth. If you are wondering on how to remove bad reviews against your business, then ORM is the solution. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a strategic method used by business to work against the bad reviews and ensure a good reputation of the company. ORM is cleaning up the bad reviews and help increasing the organic search result of the brand.

.Why does it matter?

Viewers searching through brand names can help drive up to 50% of the organic traffic. This is because of the good brand recognition, offline advertising and potential customers doing good research. If your brand has a good online reputation, then potential customers will search your brand name directly, which is a great method to gain traffic. If there is any negative review, then say goodbye to customers. By joining hands with reputed online reputation Management Company, you can restore your lost online influence and increase your online presence.

. How ORM can help?

When you think of restructuring your online presence, it is not only about how to remove bad reviews, but also about maintaining it for the long term. Let us now check how ORM can help your business against bad reviews:

. Spreading Positive Reputation

One of the major jobs of ORM consultant is to ensure that the button of review is displayed on the web page. This Call to Action helps in collecting reviews of the customer and making sure that the page review is linked perfectly with the product. If the customer gives any positive review, it will be eventually viewed by other customers.

. Decode the Negative Comments

When a customer isn’t happy with the product or service, as a part of ORM, you need to connect with the customer and solve the query. ORM gives an opportunity where the company understands and try solving the issue faced by the respective customer. This puts a positive impact over the customer and continues to do shopping. This also shows that the company is concerned about the service offered to the customer.

. Building Trust

People always trust a brand that has a good online reputation, hence emphasizing more on your brand reputation is important. Consumers before using any service, read online reviews to gain confidence. This shows that no matter how big or small your brand is having a positive online review will matter a lot. Rightly implementing online reputation management can help in building trust among potential buyers.

No business can take a risk of giving bad service to its clients. Today, having positive online reputation is very important that can help in staying connected with target and existing audience. Every business pays more attention to the reputation of the brand and ways to promote in the social media platform. Online reputation management is one way of managing your brand profile positively in the market. ORM involves social media, but there is more than this platform.

. Be an Effective Social Listener:

Tracking your audience on what they think about your brand is important part of an ORM. If there is any negative outpour from the audience, it is important to work accordingly. Use media platforms to reach out the audience and connect with them for problem solving process. Make use of tools like Google Alerts to increase the effectiveness of the effort. The team working on ORM should be able to manage things effectively.

. Never Engage in Heated Argument:

Hating or engaging negatively with the audience or competitors will create issues in terms of losing the audience. You either work on creating engagement or work on why audience hates you. Being smart is the best way to handle ORM.

. Understanding your Audience

To be successful in online business, it is important to know your audience. Speak their language and create contents that are highly needed. Do a good research to know what your audience needs from your brand and create buyer personas on the regular basis. Join forums and interact with the audience to reach out and sell your brands.

. Final Words

It needs dedication and proper understanding about the social media platform, audience and methods to promote your brand. Having a long term negative performance of the brand will affect its reputation and gives path to competitors.

. Loss of Potential Profit

A bad online reputation can make a company lose business with potential customers and clients. Both parties may think that investing in a company with a bad reputation will be a loss for them. At the same time, both of them have a lot of other options or competitors. However, this can be curbed with online reputation management.

. Loss of Good Employees

At times, a bad online reputation may lead to a loss of good employees. This is because many employees prefer working in a company with a good reputation both online and offline. If they come across bad reviews or remarks they might question the products or services offered by the company. Therefore, they might learn that products/services are not worthy or are not as good as others. Eventually, they might prefer working for a company with a better or good reputation in the market.

An online reputation management system inculcates gathering good reviews and resolving negative remarks. This helps to reduce the bad impact on a company and therefore, retain employees in a company.

. Problems in New Hiring

Many times, a bad online reputation may lead to a potential loss of interviewees. This is because even an interviewee wouldn’t want to work in a company with bad products and services. The secondary reason could be that an interviewee thinks that a company or its products has bad reviews and will, therefore, close down very soon. This is also true to the core for most companies as people trust its products or services less than its competitors.

However, Value4Brand, an online reputation management company in Delhi can resolve this by boosting the image of the company by using many ways. The company primarily monitors and suppresses negative content, de-indexes negative links and cleans the first 3 pages of google.

. Bad Search Engine Rankings

A bad online reputation can decrease a site ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. Customers and clients are more likely to go ahead with products or services offered on the first three pages of the search engines. They are less likely to skip to the 2nd page on their first search. A bad online reputation can make the company’s website to rank on the third or fourth page or even a page beyond it. Value4Brand, an online reputation management service provider helps to curb this through various ways mentioned in the previous step.

Therefore, there are many drawbacks to a bad reputation, but most of them can be dealt with online reputation management services.


Ultimately, there are a number of reasons why ORM fits to your social media campaign or brand building method. The ultimate aim is to replace bad reviews with positive ones.

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