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Coming up with passwords that has letters, numbers, special characters, bacon and a side of eggs may be frustrating enough to shoot yourself in the knee but something that comes close to being as annoying as this is checking your Instagram profile and realizing that your number of followers has reduced. That sigh of satisfaction (we all know we’ve done it) when the follower count shows ‘100’ was in vain after all, because now it’s back to 99 and a difference of 1 may not seem like a lot but oh, it is. But fret not, for the solution to all your problems regarding followers (and the loss of these followers) has arrived. Here are a few tips on gaining and maintaining a large number of followers on Instagram:

  • First impressions are an important part of the overall system of human interaction and on Instagram, your first impression is your profile page. Tell the world about yourself in a way that will capture their interests and make them want to get to know more. But keep in mind that it should not, in any way, the user may get bored. If they get bored, add 1 to your ‘could have been’ list.
  • The best way to attract attention to your profile as you’re trying to gain followers would be to create a catchy & recognizable username, which relates to either your brand or your content as an individual. This is the first thing that you will have the potential to slowly turn into a trademark.
  • Make your bio a point of no return to the path of tapping that sweet, sweet ‘follow’ button. Use it , spread relatable & just the right amount of informative data on what you intend to use your profile for.
  • Once you’ve set up your profile as the web that captures the flies, posting quality content on your profile is the next target. Now, quality content doesn’t mean good quality pictures only; of course, quality of pictures (you cannot post a low quality picture on Instagram) is a factor but it also includes how engaging your captions are and how effectively you’ve used hashtags.
  • Hashtags help widen your net as your post is exposed to viewers outside your audience and engaging captions that go well with your content help in viewers relating to your content.
  • Interact with your followers as they grow in number, go live and share your views with them & show them that you are one of them.

Results are not instant but they are guaranteed. Be patient and most importantly, be you in the best way possible. Instagram is certainly growing rapidly. This increase has also brought many new brands and influencers in the platform. To match up and to stay a step ahead, you need social media experts who can help in getting the best return.

Let’s discover how Instagram Stories can be used for Marketing your Business

1. Deliver Special Offers

This wonderful social feature, when combined with the unique traits of Instagram stories, will attract customers. Using Instagram stories with special offers will promote your business in an efficient manner.

2. Show Off Your Creative Process

In order to give a push to your business, you need to think out of the box. For e.g.: – you can give viewers a peek at an upcoming product, scheme or service. This process will attract your viewers and increase an interaction level with them.

3. Share an informal glimpse of your business

Instagram stories are just for a small period of time but have a game-changing effect of the brand on the viewer’s mind. Showing your existing customers an informal behind-the-scenes look at your business would definitely going to humanize your brand.

4. Sign On for a Takeover

This way can prove to be a key tactic for growing your audience. An Instagram story takeover is a speedy way to develop your account. It helps you to draw special attention from your audience and give a boost to your brand

5. Offers Multiple Features

Creating stories on Instagram has become easier, this is majorly because of features it comes with. The user can customize the story to make it look more creative and engaging to the audience.

Are you wondering how to use Instagram Stories to grow your brand and increase your leads and sales? Look for the best digital marketing company in India and promote your business. These companies are well-equipped with ideas that can help in making engaging Instagram stories.



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