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Twitter mantras for Business, Your Twitter account represents your business; it’s a part of your brand. Businesses have been using Twitter as an effective tool for lead generation and customer service ever since the service was launched in 2006, and creating an account on the network is now a fundamental necessity for every company hoping to compete in the online world.

However, getting started with the network isn’t always straightforward.

Companies can outsource it to Reputation Management Consultants like Value4Brand, they have the expertise to handle the task of running Twitter to one person. Twitter mantras for Business, Knowing what to do and not to do can be tricky — but not impossible.

Here’s a quick list of 15 crucial do’s and don’ts for Twitter that can help get every new account off to the best start possible.

Appropriate Profile Image

When you sign up for Twitter you get an egg as your default profile image. Don’t leave it there. Using your company logo as your profile picture is an easy solution. It makes the account easy to recognize and creates brand awareness.

  • Understand Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to connect with people about specific topics. If you want to join a hashtag conversation, it’s vital to understand what its about. Do your research and include it in all your campaign efforts. Use them sparingly. I would recommend a maximum of 4 per tweet.

  • Spice up your Tweets

There are a plethora of ways you can vary up your posts. Include a link, an image, a video, hashtags, and mentions. You are what you tweet, so don’t let your posts be bland.

  • Active Participation matters

If you have an account, be on it. I would argue that it’s better not to have a Twitter account than to have one and let it sit dormant. If I visit a company page that hasn’t done anything since 2011, it gives a bad impression. Twitter mantras for Business, is an invaluable marketing tool, but the payoff is in active, strategic participation.

  • Think before you Tweet

How and what you tweet has great impact on your company’s reputation. If celebrity tweets teach us anything, it’s that a mere 140 characters can jeopardize your career and stay with you indefinitely. If you’re operating on a company account, be professional.

  • Shorten your Links

Your tweet will read better/cleaner with shortened links you can use

  • Follow with Caution

Similar to the way your friends impact your life, including the way people see you, the accounts you follow on Twitter do the same thing.. If you follow anyone and everyone indiscriminately, you’ll likely rack up a fair amount of spammers.

Twitter mantras for Business, Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a bit tricky and needs to be handled with caution else you will resort in social suicide.

For the Global Community Twitter:

According to the statement released by Aliza Rosen, Product Manager of Twitter, “”We are making this change after listening and observing a problem our global community was having (it wasn’t easy enough to Tweet!), studying data to understand how we could improve, trying it out, and listening to your feedback.”

Regular Twitter users will witness the change automatically of 280 character twitting. If not, then they can update their mobile app. However, users from Japanese, Korean and Chinese will still have to tweet 140 characters.

Easier to Tweet:

Twitter tweeting in English sometimes hit the roadblock of facing the challenge to tweet, and often spend time on editing. Now with the expansion of character count, the problem of minimizing tweet is reduced. This also shows people will spend less time in editing and will find more space to fit the thoughts in a Tweet.

During the test, a company found that people were excited about the extra space in the beginning of the tweet and made creative things to write few characters per line for making the tweet extra-large. Moreover, it was also found that Tweets with large characters had more engagement and users got more followers. Users found it easier to express their thoughts and showcase their content broadly.

Concerns about the Right Move:

According to many social media experts and users, the move comes at the wrong time as Twitter has been facing criticism from shareholders, Congress, US President and users. The most common complaint is about the lack of stringent action against the daily harassment by trollers and allowed propaganda on the platform influencing the 2016 presidential election.

According to the experts, with the announcement, a company can divert negative attention from larger problems.

“The announcement could briefly divert negative attention from larger problems,” said Kelley Heider, a crisis communications expert at SSPR.

It would be interesting to see how this new change will be used by the users and will it further lead to more online bullying? We’re expanding the character limit! We want it to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves.

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