Types of Digital Marketing Strategy 2022

Digital Marketing

Presently, there is no such company, be it corporate or start-up is left with the storm of digital marketing . In today’s highly competitive online space, every company has to match up with the demand from customers. Using different digital media channels efforts will certainly give positive response to overall brand picture. Before we get into reasons to use digital marketing, let us first check what exactly it is

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an online exercise for brands and products through different forms of online channels. It completely differs from traditional method of marketing and has wider reached as compared to the traditional one. There are various tools used for verifying digital marketing result and analysing the report. With the use of tools, you get to know who viewed your campaign, platform used, sales conversion and which content worked best.

Digital media is growing, and every company has to undertake the process for promotion purpose. Be it the e-commerce, marketing or any other industry, online marketing is very essential part now a days.It is very important to have a right strategy in order to meet the desired results while planning for online marketing campaigns or activities.

14 Important Reasons why Digital Marketing Strategy is Important:

1. To Get Proper Direction:

Many a times companies find hard to get clear strategic goal to achieve online in terms to gain new customers and build the promotional campaign. During such situation, implementing online marketing strategy becomes important to reach goals of the company.

2. Don’t have idea about online audience:

Whether your company is a start-up or an established one, having a complete knowledge about the online audience is very important. If you do don’t have any idea about the online marketplace, then the dynamics will be different to traditional channels and customer profile. There are different online marketing tools that can help in knowing the customer demand, keyword planning, and overall market of your brand.

3. Helps in Market Share

The market share of the company isn’t easy to gain for the brand. A defined digital marketing strategy will help company to earn the market share. Devoting enough resources will help in many ways for the brand to get the right market.

Many companies hires professional agencies who can handle their digital marketing requirements in best way to get the maximum output.

4. Using Growth Marketing Tactics for Leads

No matter how many visitors visit your site, if you aren’t’ making them engaged to give you their information, then this high traffic is of no use. To make this happen, below are few marketing hacks to capture leads.

5. Popup Placement creatively

Using the tool like OptinMonster, you can ensure that your visitors aren’t leaving your website without placing their data. Creative post the popup to make sure you are giving your visitors a chance to convert before leaving the site.

6. Gated Content

When you create a long-form piece of informational content like infographic or white paper, if the content is compelling enough, you can put it behind the lead capture form and require visitors to give you’re their contact information.

7. Leveraging on Video Marketing

Another digital marketing hack to follow in 2021 is the leveraging on video marketing. Video marketing is an ongoing trend which is going to stay for long. People opt to watch a video going through product features, versus reading about a product. Creating great video content can help in lead generation and increase in sales.

8. Artificial Intelligence

As complex it may sound, you cannot deny that this has become the next sensation on the Internet. AI is everything that human being is not. Chatbots have created hype with their implemented formats. Such stimulated formulas have made it easier for the audience to find solutions. Did you know? AI has become the next top search thing for entrepreneurs.

9. Spreading the word with Influencer Marketers

According to one report by Global Trust in Advertising, more than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family. Influencer marketing is really the best hack that can bring more audience and they will recognize to endorse our product. There are many ways on how you can connect with the right influencer belonging to your industry.

10.Social Commerce

Social commerce is basically when you social media platforms are used for making personalized and target in-app experience shopping for customers. Earlier, physical retail spaces were used for moving inventory to customers and collect payment on-site. Physical retail spaces are reimagined as marketing opportunities. Some of the social commerce channels are-

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Deal sites and deal aggregators
  • Social shopping markets
  • Social storefronts

11. Focusing on Data

Another major hack and to remain in the competition, being data-driven is really important. There are different tools including Heap Analytics and Mixpanel can also help with understanding your current and historical data, ascribing attribution. Moreover, some marketers also use Instapage which has advertising attribution and built-in heat maps so you can have more significant insights. This offers major convenient for creating a report. Best marketers are more likely to incorporate analytics tools.

12.Integrated Marketing

Some of the standard questions you come across are- What’s the last campaign you ran? What platform? Where do you review the data? Maybe it’s Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even an email campaign. There are hundreds are reporting tools and each carries its own benefits and features. Integrated marketing refers to using digital marketing and advertising platforms while focusing on a unified campaign. For instance, if you are running a festival promotion, you need to make sure you offer the same product/services, discount, campaign branding, and storyline.

13. Voice Search

Technology has really driven the human-force. The way it has impacted on the SEO strategy is beyond words. The usage of voice integration in search engines has made it simpler! We can proudly say that digitalization has been evolving immensely. The text counterparts have been a passé, and from kids to oldies, all of them are using the voice search bar.

14.Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to the leading digital marketing hack even in 2021. Content isn’t just about video, but also in text format. Audio and text are arguably the best and cheaper form of digital marketing. According to one report created by Wordstream and others, the video seems to be the preferred means of content consumption with over 55% of people watching online video daily. Currently, there are around 1.3 billion users on YouTube, and posting your brand content here can garner good traffic.


Digital marketing is a marathon, and brands which can’t match up with its speed won’t be able to survive. Digital marketer needs to work hard towards the new hack that can help the brand to reach out to the target audience. The audience believes in authenticity. Let us be the behind face of your business and grow it like a baby plant. Embrace our analytical methods. The primary goal is to give a positive transition to our clients.


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