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Multiple reasons can cause a website to rank low. Sometimes, the decline can gradually occur. But there are also instances wherein different pages of a site can drastically begin to lose their position. Value4Brand has observed that behind such occurrences, the causes can relate to SEO practices, the Google algorithm, and the components of a site. The digital marketing company in India unfolds further the 6 main reasons that can result in low ranking on search engines. It is possible to ascertain whether or not a site’s position has been affected. Post-ascertaining this, solutions can be implemented to reduce the negative effects and raise the rankings again.

Has Your Website Ranking Dropped?

Sometimes, the ranking of a website can indeed drop. In some cases, however, technical glitches may cause one to observe that the ranking has declined. To be certain about the scenario, the digital marketing company in India, Value4Brand says that analytics should be used.

Website analytics can hint at the drop in rank. Otherwise, one can rely on Google Search Console too. This tool can give glimpses of website impressions, clicks, position, and CTR. By studying these, one can find out about the decline in the position of one’s website.

Other ways to determine whether this ranking has declined are:

 1. Check the traffic pattern of your site.
 2. Study whether organic traffic is being generated as required.

Why Does a Website’s Ranking Drop on a Search Engine?

When search engines like Google are considered, a site’s ranking can decline as a consequence of penalties. This penalty may apply when the performance of a site does not meet the standard criteria. Or else, it becomes applicable due to spamming, the creation of artificial backlinks, etc.

Beyond Google penalties, websites can undergo unwanted changes in their positioning because of the following too:

 – Website being Banned

A site can lose its ranking when its organic traffic reduces. This traffic can drop due to the website being banned, opines Value4Brand. The best digital marketing company in Delhi, India informs that hackers can attack a site and take actions that lead to its ban.

Otherwise, the ban may occur because:

 1.  Malware is affecting the website.
 2. The site is misleading.
 3. It has been suspended from the index of the search engine.

 – Due to Google Algorithm Updates

Time and again, the Google algorithm is updated to make it perform better. The updates made to it influence the position of websites on this search engine. Until a search engine optimization strategy is modified according to these updates, the position can remain low.

 – Backlinks are Broken/Disappeared

SERP ranks and qualitative backlinks share a key relation. Provided that the links are maintained, the ranks also appear to be at the top. On the other hand, when these links are lost, Value4Brand puts forth that the ranks get affected too.

The digital marketing company in India shares that the same consequence is observed when backlinks are broken. This can occur when a site has been updated.

 – Indication of Relocated Pages to Search Engines

Owing to some errors, the pages of a website can indicate that they have been redirected. These are redirect errors such as 301. Since the page would no longer be originally located, search engines may not rank it at the top. Hence, its position can decline.

 – Competition Becomes High

One of the reasons why a website loses its ranking is because of competing sites that perform better. High competition can cause other sites to follow better SEO practices. Particularly when these practices are consistently applied, competitors can outrank a site.

 – Website Experience has Become Poor

While SEO practices and elements affect a website’s rank, certain other factors are responsible too. Factors associated with sites can comprise use experience, page-loading speed, etc. Pages that load slowly or poor user experiences can negatively impact a site’s rank.

How to Improve a Website’s Ranking?

The expertise of a digital marketing company can help improve a site’s rank. Also, it can prevent the ranking from declining further. Value4Brand, the best digital marketing company in Delhi, India contributes the observation that professional help can be used to understand the Google algorithm. Accordingly, this rank can be enhanced.

 1. Moreover, working on a website’s components and their negative effects can help.
 2. Website penalties should be worked on too.
 3. On-page search engine optimization practices should be improved.
 4. Attention should be paid to practices regarding backlinks too.

To Come to the Point

Whether gradually or drastically, a site’s rank can drop when it is not maintained. Value4Brand significantly believes that owners should know the reasons leading to this consequence. The digital marketing company in India also says that once the reasons are identified, fixes should be quickly implemented to prevent a further decline.


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