What is an SEO Competitive Analysis and How to do it?

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Search engine optimization is associated with several processes that can yield insights to improve the practice. A competitive analysis is one of these processes. It comes with multiple benefits. Notably, the key benefit of this analysis is to understand how SEO is being used by competitors and to what extent is it working favorably for them. To conduct this process, brands can use professional search engine optimization services in India. Otherwise, they can manually do so. In either case, in-depth knowledge of competitor analysis or competitive analysis and its purposes should be acquired.

What is SEO Competitive Analysis?

SEO competitive analysis involves conducting research about competitors. This research helps in collecting insights about various aspects of search engine optimization utilized by competitors. These aspects include content and keywords. It can further include the strategy for backlinks. Later on, these insights are used to enhance or modify the existing SEO strategy of a brand/business.

What is the Purpose of SEO Competitor Analysis?

The larger purpose of competitor analysis is that it helps in identifying the best components of the SEO strategy being used by a competing brand. Through this process, a brand can understand how to add those components to replicate the strategy, says Value4Brand.

Known for its search engine optimization services in India, the company believes that more purposes can be established with competitor analysis.

  1. This process can help identify the weak points of a competitor.

  2. These points can be strongly worked on to bring improvement to one’s brand.

  3. Brands can understand their position with respect to search engine optimization.

  4. It allows checking the search landscape to identify keywords that are important.

  5. One can identify whether or not the competing brands can be surpassed.

  6. The process can make it easy to identify new ideas relating to content, link building, etc.

  7. Brands can understand how to attain a better rank on search engines.

  8. How to drive more traffic to a website will be clear.

How to do a Competitive Analysis in SEO?

Since competitive analysis involves studying the optimization practices of competitors, the main step to do it requires identifying the same. In SEO, competitors can be learned by knowing which websites rank at the top in relation to certain keywords. Once they have been identified, other steps have to be followed to analyze their practices.

Decide Which Sites Are Real Competitors

In order to start a competitive analysis, it should be understood that not every high-ranking website can be considered a competitor. Real competitors ought to be decided. This can be ensured on the basis of several aspects. Organic traffic is an integral aspect. Websites that are ranking high, owing to organic traffic, can be considered a part of the category.

  1. Also, official websites writing about a product/service/subject should be avoided.

  2. In addition, competitors should be associated with the same business or niche.

Identify Competitors’ Keywords for Ranking

According to Value4Brand, there are certain keywords that help competitors rank on search engines. On the contrary, your website may not rank for these. To conduct the second step of competitor analysis, these keywords have to be identified.

  1. Using several SEO Services in India, these keywords can be found.

  2. They can comprise the use of paid tools.

  3. These tools or services can even identify keyword gaps.

Conduct a Page Analysis

A competitor analysis essentially comprises studying different pages of competitors and analyzing them. This is conducted to study on-page practices. The process unfolds how the use of different components on these pages benefits the competing websites. Hence, while carrying this step, the pages and these components are significantly studied.

Find out the Strengths/Weaknesses of Competitors

The next step of competitive analysis includes finding out what are the weak and strong points of competitors. This step can be performed even for the biggest competitors. These points should be identified in relation to the components of search engine optimization. These include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Content

  2. Keyword ranks

  3. Authority

  4. Keywords that no longer rank

How do SEO Services in India Help with Competitor Analysis?

Search engine optimization services in India can be availed to professionally conduct competitor analysis. Brands can manually do so but for the best insights, they can use professional services.

It is notable that these services can help perform additional steps relevant to competitive analysis in SEO. They can include studying backlinks, different types of content, featured snippets, etc.

Bringing up the Rear

In SEO, competitive analysis is a useful process that reveals insights regarding the practices followed by competitors. Brands can study these to strengthen their own practices. They can use professional search engine optimization services in India too. Moreover, companies providing these services can help utilize those


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