An SEO Expert’s Playbook for Optimizing Websites for E-E-A-T

An SEO Expert’s Playbook for Optimizing Websites for E-E-A-T

It is more than a year since ‘Experience’ was added by Google to the search quality E.A.T. Now, it is called E.E.A.T. Many times some websites struggle even after following the updated EEAT guidelines. Do you know why? According to the SEO experts of Value4Brand – the best SEO company in Delhi NCRsome businesses think that adding author bios is enough for EEAT optimization. However, this is not true at all. It needs much more than this.

To find out more or know what Value4Brand experts say about it, just keep reading this post for more.

What is EEAT and its importance in 2024?

Google’s algorithm gets updated every year. The objective of these updates is to make the algorithm’s capability better to surface good content. Talking about the latest update, it was released in 2022 December. The guidelines of this update reflect the points listed below:

  • E (Experience): 

    It shows whether the website owner or author has the real-life experience that is needed to provide a topic with commentary or advice.

  • E (Expertise): 

    This part showcases the author’s credentials, education, market presence, or/and expertise to speak on a specific topic.

  • A (Authority): 

    Proper analysis is essential to check the authoritativeness of the website and the author. For this, the quality of the backlinks, industrial recognition, and reputation signals such as citations, reviews, recommendations, and awards, should be checked.

  • T (Trustworthiness): 

    This is associated with customers/users. It shows whether you offer a reliable website navigation experience to the users or not.

Now the question is – why it is important? According to a leading provider of search engine optimization services – Value4Brand, people usually take the “T” element from EEAT too seriously. Therefore, you should not make things in a way that can hurt the user experience. However, you should also know that EEAT is all about showing reliability and offering a great page experience. So, ultimately all your strategies should be around it.

For instance, you are sharing advice on something like – what are the best home remedies for cold? If we look closely, you must have a great domain rating and expertly written author bio, you will not succeed when SSH encryption is absent. This is the point where you will need to combine EEAT elements to ensure credibility. You will also need to focus on these elements to stand out in the game of the SERP.

What are the best strategies to optimize your website for EEAT?

A complete and expert technical SEO audit is all you need to kick-start with EEAT optimization. Besides, multiple tactics are there that you must know about. Below, we have discussed some fool-proof strategies followed/recommended by the best SEO company in Delhi NCR – Value4Brand.

Have a look:

  • Author bio and editor schema is necessary for every article

Before anything, you should know that a well-formed and well-defined author bio has two-sided benefits. Firstly, it shows their personal expertise. Secondly, it will indicate the expertise of the author. Just think about this aspect this way – would you like to read content related to childcare on a website that is written by a writer an industrial expert or a pediatrician? Definitely, you will choose the one that is by a person who knows this field better.

Now, you must be wondering, how to craft a reliable author bio. For this, you will need to add a few things. This could involve working experience, focus area, qualification, credentials, website links/social media channels, professional achievements, etc. No matter which industry you belong to, you must use schema markup for reviewers and editors as it will add value to your content.

  • Always mention the ‘obvious’

It has countless examples out there. For example, if you see popular e-commerce platforms, you will notice that they have concise and well-written reviews of the products. They also mention differences and several other critical aspects in the same. Some more elements are also added to add more trust to their offerings. In case you do not know how to do it, you can always seek the help of a professional SEO search optimization service provider.

  • Source industry experts to make your reputation better

Internal expertise and skills are something that is not easy to gain. However, this should not restrict your view. Yes, you can always get help outside the company. This is specifically useful for you if you have just started your company and trying to make EEAT better.

For this, you can join hands with industry leaders/experts and request them to contribute whenever possible. Besides, you can invite popular faces of your industry for interviews, join Facebook and other social media groups relevant to your industry, join webinars and/or podcasts, or even ask specialists to share their views through guest posts.

  • Create high-quality and relevant content

Content is everything. Just keep in mind that the higher the quality of your content is, the better for your reputation. In fact, Google has specific guidelines for this. As per Google, people-first content means content created primarily for people, not to manipulate search engine rankings. We recommend that you focus on creating people-first content to be successful with Google Search rather than search engine-first content made primarily to gain search engine rankings.’

This is why you should focus on creating content with depth not breadth. While writing, you must stick to the actual topic, develop topics that are relevant to your industry, dispense content on different channels for external signals, and do regular audits to highlight and fix the issues. For this, you can seek help from industry experts to have useful and informative content.

  • Gain backlinks from trusted websites

Backlinks will remain relevant even in 2024. While working to gain backlinks, you will need to keep two things in mind – the quality of the backlinks and the number that shows the authenticity of the domains.

For example, if you have a fashion apparel website, you must get backlinks from clothing and fashion publications. For this, you will need to create amazing copies of content that will act like a magnet for gaining links. Yes, Value4Brand experts are always there by your side to assist you through off-page and on-page search engine optimization.

  • The online reputation of your brand is everything

To improve your digital presence, you must conduct regular audits. For this, you will need to do a few things. You can start with a customer survey. In addition to this, you can monitor the reviews and public forums. Since these are the common sources to get feedback and know what people think about your brand, you must keep a check on the same regularly.

Yes, several online tools are also available that you use to know if a user is considering your website as a reliable source or not. You are also advised to showcase all the social proofs to boost your credibility. Lastly, to maintain your online reputation, you must not ignore negative reviews. Reply to every review whether it is positive or negative. This is highly needed to improve your brand reputation and authority.

  • Create more ‘User-Generated Content’ or UGC 

In order to boost the EEAT of your website, it is excessively important to emphasize user-generated content. You must be wondering why you should do it. This is because unpaid or unsolicited reviews cannot alone lift the perception of your brand. Therefore, you should think about forum posts, case studies, personal blogs, video content on social media, reviews and ratings, etc.

Since the crawlers of Google can easily access various social sites such as Quora and Reddit, you are advised to provide Google with the necessary proof that you are a trusted website and source of information.

Get in touch with Value4Brand to Become EEAT-relevant

For EEAT optimization, you will need a strategic and professional approach. Since it is a crucial process you cannot go wrong with the steps involved. Hence, you must connect with Value4Brand, a reliable provider of search engine optimization services. They will not only monitor your present condition but make changes as per the latest Google update so that you can excel.



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