What are the Top Technical SEO Problems and How to Fix Them?

What are the Top Technical SEO Problems and How to Fix Them?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most critical aspects when creating a path for digital success. However, this path is filled with various challenges and problems. Yes, we are talking about the technical SEO problems that can affect your strategies and of course – implementation. Fortunately, these issues are easy to fix. For this, you can get in touch with the best SEO agency in India. Or, just check out the following to get familiar with the problems and solutions to fix them. 

So, let us deep dive.

Indexability and related issues

Before we talk about the issues, you should know what exactly indexability is. It is nothing but the ability of the webpage to be indexed by search engines. Talking about the issues, it could be related to canonical redirection and so on. When this issue occurs, search engines will not find your website.

  • Solution: To fix the issue, you are advised to conduct a comprehensive website audit. When you do this, you will find bad URLs. Just replace them with the valid ones. In addition to this, check if any page is blocked by the robots.txt.

Broken web pages

These are the pages that will return to the ‘can’t be found’ and ‘server errors’. These pages are not indexed by the search engines. Also, they are the pages that are dropped from indexing. When your website has broken pages, you will not only miss out on the traffic but they will create a negative image. In addition to this, backlinks of those broken pages will also go wasted. Lastly, working on such pages will only waste your money and efforts.

  • Solution: To fix this issue, you can either connect with Value4Brand – the best SEO agency in India, or simply use online tools for website audit. If you are doing it on your own, then check for the broken pages carefully. To fix error codes, check for incorrect links and landing pages. Add the correct links to rectify the error.

No to limited internal links

Internal links are the hyperlinks that lead to a resource or page on a similar website. These can have a direct impact on search engine rankings as they help Google and other search engines find the page and crawl it. Since ranking is excessively important, having no or limited internal links is the worst scenario you can ever imagine. A page without internal links or an orphan page will limit search engines. As a result, they are unable to find such pages and crawl them.

  • Solution: The easiest solution for this issue is to link orphan pages with other relevant pages within the website. In case those orphan pages hold zero value for you, deleting them will be a good choice. In case you do not know how to do it, just get in touch with a professional who can conduct an audit for better and targeted solutions.

Lack of mobile-friendly website

We are living in a world wherein the number of mobile numbers is almost equal to the population. In this scenario, if you do not have a mobile-responsive website, then you will definitely be missing out on something lucrative. Just keep in mind that Google and other popular search engines use mobile-first indexing and ranking web pages. Also, the mobile experience is a critical part of the positive page experience. If you think that a website with zoom-in and

zoom-out is the best, then you should rethink. No one likes to tap multiple times. So, if you do not have a website that fits well on different screens, then it is a red flag for your SEO efforts.

  • Solution: Again, website audit is the key wherein you will need to check the performance and usability. After this, hire a good website designer and developer to have a mobile version of your website. You can also redesign your website and get a responsive one so that it can easily open on all screens.

HTTPS and related issues

Google and other search engines make the best use of HTTPS encryption for small-ranking signals. This means a website without a TLS certificate will get lower rankings. However, even after having the same, some pages or resources on the website can still utilize the HTTP protocol.

  • Solution: The best SEO agency in India – Value4Brand suggests you obtain the TLS or SSL certificate for every subdomain. Once you get it, you can easily prevent HTTPS and other related issues.

Issues related to core web vitals

Do you know what does mean by core web vitals? This is nothing but a set of metrics. It is crafted to gauge the user experience of the website specifically in terms of responsiveness, loading speed, and more. Yes, they also have an impact on the search engine rankings. According to core web vitals, a good website is one that scores well on three major components – LCP (largest contentful paint), INP (interaction to next paint), and CLS (cumulative layout shift). If your website fails at these aspects, then you will need to worry.

  • Solution: Undeniably the fastest yet most reliable method to check it is by using the Google Search Console. Here, you will see the option of Core Web Vitals with a separate section for each component. Open the report to know the scores. Based on the same, highlight the pages that are ‘not good’. Once you do it, optimize the pages as per the Core Web Vitals i.e. optimization of CSS, image compression, etc. Since it is a time-consuming process, make sure you do it with patience.

Final thoughts

Apart from this, several other issues are there that affect technical as well as non-technical SEO efforts. These include un-optimized website structure, absence of proper schema markup, duplicate, outdated, and irrelevant content, and so on. If you know what technical SEO issue your website has, you can move forward to seek a proper solution. In case you do not know how to audit a site and identify the issues, you can get in touch with Value4Brand – the best SEO agency in India. With an excellent team, they can locate the issues and apply adequate solutions to fix them same.



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