How to Make Your Digital Marketing Budget Work Harder?

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How to Make Your Digital Marketing Budget Work Harder?

Are you willing to make the most out of each buck invested in digital marketing for your business? If yes, then you will be puzzled as it is not easy to allocate the resources well. Although a good digital marketing company in India such as Value4Brand can help you divide every penny well, it is still necessary for you to learn about the top considerations so that you can maximize your budget. What are those methods that can help you make your digital marketing budget work harder yet smarter?

Below, we have discussed the same. So, let us get started!

Know the sales funnel first

Getting familiar with the sales funnel of your firm is one of the top considerations before/while allocating the budget for digital marketing practices. Since every business is different, it is obvious to have a diversified sales cycle. Therefore, including tools of digital marketing is necessary as it will help you retain customers.

So, why it is so important to understand the sales funnel? This is specifically important as it will help you determine and divide the budget in a way so that you can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

Define all your digital marketing objectives well

Setting and defining your marketing goals is quite critical to allocate your budget effectively. What is the right way to do so? As per the experts of Value4Brand – the top digital marketing company in India, you must consider the goals you want to achieve. Clearly define the financial resources needed to achieve the same.

Working with an expert team to explain all your goals will provide you with a clearer picture of the path you should walk on. Lastly, keep in mind that marketing goals will be different for every business. Hence, it is advised to spend adequate time to identify the unique yet achievable objectives.

Evaluate previous marketing strategies

In order to allocate your budget well, you must consider and assess all the previous tactics and plans followed by your firm. For this, you will need some extra time to examine and calculate how well those strategies worked that time. In addition to this, check which mode or channel brought the best results.

By knowing what has worked well for you in the past and where you need improvements, you can make wise decisions to move forward on a successful note. Please remember that you will need to alter all your plans a bit because it is not mandatory that anything that yielded amazing results before will have the same impact again.

Understand the content marketing factors and costs

In digital marketing, content has a crucial role to play. In order to keep your customers engaged in an entertaining and informative manner, you must invest a bit in content marketing. As per the stats shared by HubSpot, it is believed that businesses usually spend approximately 46% of their entire marketing budget on content. Before you move further, you should know that it has multiple factors involved.

For instance, you will have to decide whether you need a full-time professional or a freelancer to create engaging copies. Depending on your selection, your whole budget will fluctuate a bit. In case you are perplexed about the selection, it will completely be your decision.

  • Take different tools as well as platforms into account

According to the best digital marketing company in India – Value4Brand, various communication platforms are available currently. Choosing one of these will be a complex task. Why? This is because every platform and tool is different and has a specific targeted audience. No two platforms as well as tools are the same when it comes to digital marketing tactics. For additional services and extended features, you may need to opt for the paid versions.

So, how pick the same? To make a wise choice, you will need to consider your targeted audience first. Furthermore, you will need to find out how each platform and tool will work as per your business. Lastly, check the ease of interaction eased by the platform and tool. After considering all these, you can decide on the platform and tool and allocate the budget accordingly.

  • Follow the budget ‘formula’ for smart allocation

Once you are done with the pointers discussed above, you will have to allocate the budget as per the ‘budget formula’. This is the smartest way to decide on the budget for your digital marketing. As per the digital marketing experts of V4B, following the rule of 70-20-10 is a must for correct allocation.

Here this formula is stated well – 70% of the entire budget should be for the marketing strategies that are focused on your business. 20% of the budget should be given to the marketing goals and developing new or adjusting the existing plans. The rest of the 10% must be spent on testing out new digital marketing strategies. All these are necessary to help your firm grow and achieve better outcomes.

  • Do not forget to add the extra expenses

Above, we have mentioned the obvious areas. However, we often forget to add the expenses of additional and some ‘essential’ tasks. These may include paid search, website management, video creation, graphic designing, social media advertisement, and more.

In addition to this, you are advised to keep your budget a little bit higher than the expenses calculated. We are saying this because you never know what is next. When working for the business and its promotions, it is hard to predict miscellaneous expenses. So, it is always better to have something extra. This will prevent you from ruining other plans.


Making the best use of your digital marketing budget is something that needs the above-said considerations and careful planning. Whether it is about getting familiar with the sales funnel, highlighting the marketing goals, or simply following the ‘budget’ formula, numerous aspects are there that must be considered. To make the whole process simpler and easier, you can also count on Value4Brand, the most prestigious digital marketing company in India. The expert team will consider everything and help you maximize the allocated budget.


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